I'm Jen!!

This is my story & why I'm not your average PT:

This is what I am about: Working on your health, improving your fitness and HAVING FUN!!!!! Cause if you're not enjoying what you're doing - why would you continue to do it??


I grew up in Brisbane, Queensland with 4 brothers and sisters. We always had an active lifestyle with weekend Netball games and weekly training; and yard work all day Sunday. But I was never the 'skinny kid'.

When I was born, people called me Cabbage Patch Kid; and in primary school kids called me "Jenny Craig". Pretty nasty now I think back, but it never seemed to phase or upset me too much at the time.

Fast forward to my early 20's and I moved to Emerald in Central Queensland. Here I found booze, fast food, booze... you get the picture. My sisters and I had to make a change so at the age of 28 I started my fitness journey.


My sister and I ran and ate really well and the weight fell off... until we hit a plateau.... so, off to Hayley Mabin at New Beginnings Personal Training we went to get the extra push and direction we needed.


I started at 110kg and got down to 79.9kg.  Then came the muscle... well pretty quickly I was back up to 85/90kg! By then though Hayley had educated us on the difference between muscle and fat.

Two years on and Hayley was ready for babies so who did she want to join her home based PT Studio?!?! You got it... ME!!!! I started studying my cert 3 & 4 in Fitness through the Australian Institute of Fitness and told my boss at the radio station that I was soon in for a career change.

Together, Hayley and I had created a supportive and inviting gym that we were both so proud of. I was well known in the community and people respected my position as a PT.... even though I wasn’t size 8 and wearing bikinis in all my Instagram posts. People felt comfortable with me and could easily relate to me.


Life was great and I was living a fun & balanced lifestyle (especially for a single woman)... Annnnnd then things took a turn personally.  I met a boy but didn't get my happy ending, and me and my broken heart didn't cope too well. This sent me a bad direction with what seemed like every element of my life in ruins. I needed help... professional help... I was no longer the person everyone knew and after a long 12 months, I finally headed in the direction of becoming the new improved me... AND HERE I AM…


This new improved me however needed a sea  change, so in April 2019 I packed up my life in Emerald and moved to Yeppoon. What do you do when you move to a town and don't know anyone? You start your own business of course!! Jen West Health, Fitness & Fun was born!

My adventures didn't end there - I have since moved to Melbourne; will soon move a little further north; and have no idea where my next adventure will take me. That's why I decided to focus Jen West Health, Fitness & Fun on providing remote support to those people who are wanderers like me, lead busy lives, or simply don't like the public workout setting. And north did I come... here I am, BACK IN EMERALD and safe from any Covid-19 hotspots where I was in Melbourne.  I am loving being home and still following the same passion for health, fitness & fun.

I believe no matter what your shape or size; if you set your mind to it, it can be done. Last year I ran a 50km Ultra marathon at 118kg. That’s a lot of weight to lug up and down mountains!! But my mental game was strong and I was not giving up (who needs toenails anyway, hahhahahah).


I understand though that sometimes the big challenge is not a mountain, it's simply getting out of bed. So come and train with me.... Get fitter, get stronger and lets tackle those mountains together!!!!

So that’s me... Kinda Normal - Kinda Chubby – Super Happy – Energetic – Encouraging – FUN

  • Qualifications

    Pregnancy & Post Natal Exercise: Preggi Bellies - Australian Fitness Network - 2018

    Provide First Aid - Provide CPR - BiPhasic Training - updated 2019


    Injury & Rehab - Australian Fitness Network - 2018

    Food 4 Thought:  Eating & Exercise for Mental Health - Australian Fitness Network - 2018


    Punchfit Trainer Certified - Authentic Punchfit - 2015

    Cert III & IV in Fitness - Australian Institute of Fitness - 2015

  • Achievements

    2018 - Blackall 50km Ultra Marathon

    2017 - Gold Coast Marathon 42.2km

    2016 - Gold Coast Marathon 42.2km

    2016 - Brisbane Twilight Half Marathon 21.1km

    2014 - Gold Coast Half Marathon 21.1km

    2014 - Mackay Marina Half Marathon 21.1km

    2013 - Gold Coast Half Marathon 21.1km

    2013 -2015 Queensland Crossfit Competitions

    2011 - 2016 - Triathlon (Central Highlands Triathlon Club)


Queensland, Australia

P: +61 405 40 50 60


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